Writing exercise: Summertime

This is a short piece I wrote in summer of 2012 in a writing group.


Summertime: when the berries were ripe on the bushes, you would spend the early morning foraging to bring them to our kitchen.

There, I would prepare a delicious snack. More than a snack, really – a dessert spread.
I would ask you to close your eyes, feeding you berries with cream,
a little cream would linger on your upper lip, giving me an opportunity to kiss you.
You would laugh and say, “Tastes like summer.”

Sometimes, we’d have guests over
They’d try your findings and my creations
they would look at the display at our table: roses and sweets
and smile
Looking at you, saying, “You are so lucky to have her.”
Looking at me and saying, “You have created a work of art,” then sampling my fruit tarts, delight on their faces.

Those were the days when I felt like perfection was within arm’s reach, where I relished the sweetness of each moment.


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