Everyday magic

A family friend, who has known me since age 8, tells me about how he befriended foxes in the neighborhood:  they cautiously watched each other, and gradually the foxes allowed him to get closer.  He tells me how they showed him their routine paths around the city (Zurich, Switzerland).  He saw one recently and it greeted him with a look like, “I know you,” and then would run away quickly if anyone else walked by.  He tells me how he read about hummingbird hawk moths, and saw one the next day, hovering outside his apartment building as though it was waiting for him.  It led him to a place where there were other moths.  Before this, he had thought they could only be found in the surrounding mountains, but they showed him they had a place in the city, where bright flowers grew.  He refers to his connection with animals as part of his madness.  I’d call it a kind of a magic.

I feel my intuition grow again, like whiskers or antenna putting out feelers.  I find instances where I knew beforehand, even if I doubted the sense.  Sometimes when I dance, I can feel the energy between my fingers, and if I soften my gaze and get out of my thoughts, I can move it.

I watch the transition between seasons, the cool mornings and the warmer days.  I see a tree: blossoms on one side, bare and budding on the other. Recently, in the mountains, I laid down on the ground and looked up at the tops of the Ponderosa pine trees.  The only sound I could hear was the wind whispering through the trees.  I took off my shoes and socks momentarily, long enough to ground and center myself.  In these moments, I’m reminded of the earth’s beauty.



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  1. Beautiful post. Life is magical if we just open up all of our senses and allow nature to do her thing.


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