Friday link roundup 4/1

A Look to the Future for Gender Nonconforming Kids.  A mother describes her experiences with her child and looks forward to further advocacy and recognition.

Learning – and Unlearning – To Be An ‘Ambassador’ for Islam.  Writer Beenish Ahmed reflects on her experiences of being a “mostly unwanted ambassador” as a Muslim-American.

Wild river otters have been reintroduced to the New Mexico rivers.  The last wild river otter in this area was killed in the 1950s, so signs of a successful reintroduction bring hope to conservationists.

I was always amazed at how school starting times got *earlier* as I transitioned from elementary school to middle school to high school.  This New York Times article discusses how sleep deprivation hits teenagers hard.

Art director and author of upcoming book Quarter Life Poetry created several funny and poignant trailers to promote her new book.  Other millennials may relate to scenes from home, work, and dating in navigating young adult life.

Author Neil Gaiman discusses the importance of libraries – in his life, and on a greater scale.  Speaking of libraries, CNN shares photos from beautiful libraries around the world.  A New Yorker leaves stacks of books in various places around the city as a way to connect with others.

It’s April Fool’s Day!  This article recounts famous April Fool’s pranks throughout history.


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