Love letter: Imagination

This is part of #aprillove2016, daily prompts for the month of April, which you can find out more about here.  Today’s letter is to imagination.

Dear Imagination,

I remember how far you would take me as a child:  Together, we would create new, fantastical worlds.  We would write stories about friendships between kittens and butterflies.  There were certainly times you scared me, as I saw images in the nighttime shadows on the walls, imagining what kind of monsters might be lurking nearby.  And there were also times where you soothed me with calming scenes like sitting by a creek, listening to the sounds of nature.

You were there with me as I wrote my first full short story, as I painted pictures of cats and the natural world. You told me stories to help me get to sleep.  When I felt lonely, you kept me company.  You told me vivid tales when I needed a break from the reality of the everyday.  You helped me weave fiction with academic theory for school assignments.  While I became a little more distant as I got older, you often reminded me that I feel most alive when I can be creative, whimsical, and playful.

Imagination, why can’t I visualize as well anymore?  I used to be able to create images for guided meditations with ease, finding greater insight.  Now, it’s like walking into a room and then I find myself within a memory or the day’s to-do list.  I tend to mentally wander off.  I know this shifted post surgery, and it’s like part of us left or changed when we went under anesthesia.  I miss those kind of walks we used to take together.  Sometimes it feels discouraging, to not be able to imagine in the same way – it’s like reaching out for something, only to find it has changed form or is no longer there.

At the same time, I realize you are still here with me.  I find you when I’m drawing, painting, making collages, creating metaphors with words.  I know that you are still rich and textured. You feed my creative side, you help me imagine a future for myself, you help me create new steps when I dance.  You are there with me in my vivid dream world, which can be dynamic and bizarre at times.  Sometimes I wonder where you get your ideas – somewhere between this world and another dimension, perhaps?

Imagination, please continue to feed me and give me inspiration.  I am so grateful that you’re walking with me through this life, adding color, brightness, and depth.  If I forget that you’re there, please remind me.

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  1. love this, made me smile in happiness. 🙂


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