Love letter: Senses 

sensesImage of Senses:  from bottom center clockwise:  proprioception (sense of self in space), taste, vestibular system (sense of balance), auditory/hearing, tactile/touch, smell, interoception (sensing internal responses such as hunger, etc), and vision/sight.

Dear Senses,

I’ve known you were heightened, that your volume was turned up in many ways, for quite awhile.  I didn’t know exactly how much effort and energy it was taking you, taking us, just to feel and be aware.  I’m glad I know you better, that I’m no longer trying to override you or shut you out.  I’m glad you’re slowly adjusting with me as we go through occupational and vision therapy.  I know it’s exhausting, and I know sometimes you want to – and do – shut down.  Thanks for sticking with me through all these changes.

I’m so glad we have tools now to help us, including the weighted blanked and the Wilbarger brush. I once thought that doing sensory integration work would dull and numb my senses, but I think you are getting clearer and brighter.  I’m more clear about the messages you give me, I’m more aware when we’re getting flooded, and I know what can best soothe us.

Thank you, senses, for being so strong that I can sense energy around me; take in vivid colors with my eyes; taste something delicious and have a near-erotic experience;  hear the intricate layers of music; when my love touches me it’s like every fiber of my being is singing yes with pleasure.

Thank you for taking care of me, for alerting me to possible dangers.

I am so grateful for you.


One response to this post.

  1. Lovely letter, coming to your senses. What would we be without them?


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