Friday link roundup 4/22

Standard intelligence tests don’t take imagination into account. An article on rethinking intelligence.

Sociopaths, Borderlines, and Psychotics: 3 Mental Illnesses We Must Stop Hating On.  While there is certainly stigma about mental illnesses in general, this article looks at these three mental illnesses in particular and the lack of empathy that people with these illnesses often experience.

From Buzzfeed:  51 Beautiful Sentences from Literature.

My husband is now my wife:  a woman recounts her experience with her spouse’s transition.

Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill, and more changes coming to U.S. currency.

Billboard magazine senior editor and Rachel Maddow discuss Prince’s musical, cultural, and political legacy.

There were several major earthquakes in the past week in Japan and Ecuador. 



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