Love Letter: Sanctuary 

Dear Sanctuary, 

I remember: when I was younger, I imagined cutting a hole in the air and escaping to a place that was simply mine, like a tree house I could go to whenever things felt like too much. Throughout the years, I’ve found you in other places, too – in nature, in the arms of someone I love and trust, in creating a cozy dark place when I need a sensory break. I’ve found you in the walls of places that I’ve called home. I’ve also found you within myself: in the reassurance of a breath, a taking a moment to step away, in my own company. I find you as I move my feet across the dance floor, as I do my mindfulness practice, when I take a moment to sit by my altar and light a candle.  

Sanctuary, sometimes I lose sight of you and feel like my defenses break down, when I forget that I can give myself permission to seek you out. There have been times when I’ve lost sight of hope and also lost sight of you, where no place or situation felt safe. I realize that when I lose sight of you, I often lose sight of myself.  

Sanctuary: May I remember to access you when I most need you, to treasure your restorative powers, your sense of safety. May I continue to find you in places both inside and outside of myself.  


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