Reflections on my blog name

I’ve been thinking about my blog name and the headline underneath it: Closer to Happiness:  Musings on my Journey Towards Authenticity. I first created this blog in 2010, although I didn’t write in it regularly until the Fall of 2014. A lot has changed in that time. The following is a stream-of-consciousness reflecting on my thoughts on these words, and how they fit me now.

These days, I’m more a fan of the term “joy,”  joy being in the moment, the joy of movement, a sensation of resonating with something, etc.

Sometimes happiness seems like this idealized state of being, the ultimate goal. And anything except happy is not good enough, which sort of degrades other states of being. There is value in many different kinds of emotions and experiences.

I remember reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and I liked her approach in concentrating on seeking happiness in different areas of her life. It’s like a very small picture growing into a much larger picture.

I find happiness in experiences and people more than I do in things. Wearing a pretty dress may contribute to my enjoyment of an event, but it will not necessarily make the experience.

I see these quotes that say something along the lines of “happiness is a choice.” If happiness were the green shirt I chose to wear today, perhaps that would resonate more. I can choose to take stock, check facts, do things I enjoy, do things I don’t enjoy as much but still need to do. I can find playfulness and joy in small moments. However, if someone were to tell me I wasn’t happy because I didn’t choose to be, I’d look at them funny. Emotions and states of being are complex, they shift, they’re not an automatic light switch I can turn on by clapping. Would I like to bring more happiness into my life? Certainly. But not at the expense or denial of other things. And during my times where I was depressed? I could do things that would boost my mood temporarily, but it wasn’t lasting.

Musings on my journey towards authenticity.

Sometimes I think about changing that line, but I’m not sure at this point what I would change it to. My blog is multi-topic, so it needs a phrase that embraces that.

I am totally a fan of becoming more genuine and true to myself.  I’m definitely in favor of continually healing and growing. I definitely seek to be and feel more like myself, and do things that resonate with me.

I think sometimes authenticity is used as a cover all marketing term for “we can help you find yourself” programs and books. Which yes, some are helpful, although certainly not “one size fits all.” And what does it mean to fit oneself into a program that looks at authenticity in a certain way? That doesn’t always feel authentic to me.  Admittedly, I’m a little jaded with many self-help books and programs, and I speak from that perspective.

Anyway, I think authenticity involves learning to listen to one’s own voice. And there are many ways to get there. Perhaps it’s about getting there again and again as life changes, perspectives change, interests change, etc.


I still like how my blog name sounds, the way the words flow together. The way it reflects a reaching towards something, a personal growth journey. Continuing to seek a life that suits me, a life where I can find joy in moments.

I certainly feel closer to happiness than I did before.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I loved The Happiness Project. What resonated most with me was her commandment to “Be Gretchen”. I found that I was doing things because I felt like I was supposed to, not because they had anything to do with who I really am.


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