A list of goals and values from the past

I wrote this in August 2013.

I envision a life where…

  • I take care of the day-to-day responsibilities.
  • I drive myself wherever I might need to go; and I allow myself to pull over and/or change my route or plans as needed.
  • I live mindfully. I choose to be present.
  • I can express my feelings freely. I can cry when I am happy. When it gets difficult. Whenever I might need to. I can laugh, be angry, be soft, be fierce, be intense.
  • I can make mistakes and understand their value without holding them against myself. I can say “Yes, I’m really learning from this!” and really savor that.
  • I can choose whether I want to be in relationship, and how I want to be in relationship.
  • I create my space intentionally, creating a beautiful, safe and nurturing energetic container in which to sleep, pray, and take moments of solitude. I take the time to regular clean and clear that space in a way that works for me and holds that sacred intention.
  • I am deeply spiritual. I openly share my spirituality and gifts with others. I regularly talk and listen to Spirit. I celebrate the Divine within myself. I go on mini-pilgrimages. I go on larger pilgrimages when called.
  • I am deeply connected to community.
  • I allow my chosen friends and family to really see me.
    I speak from my heart.
  • I spend regular time out in nature. I take hikes. I go camping. I connect with trees, with the mountains, with the desert, with the ocean.
  • I have big dreams. I live boldly and follow the dreams that speak most to my spirit and heart.
  • I am of service to others while also being of service to myself.
  • I travel.
  • I create art. I create art as a way to express myself. I show my art in chosen venues as
  • I feel called. I sell it as I feel called.
  • I write.
  • I dance.
  • I sing.
  • I laugh.
  • I take time for myself when I needed. I value my solitude, and I let others know when I need to recharge.
  • I have strong energetic and physical boundaries. I honor them. I ask others to respect them.
  • I continue to practice good self-care.
  • I truly value my sensitivity as a gift.
  • I give myself full permission to change my plans or routine.
  • I actively use my abilities to harness energy and to heal.
  • I continue to learn and seek out new opportunities.
  • I value my work. I do meaningful work. My work supports me on a holistic level. I have a healthy work-life balance.
  • I live my life in my own way, in my truest, most authentic way


I took off the bottom section, which describes specific goals, many of which I have let go. I imagined my future differently at the time. The goals/ideals I have kept from that part of the list are:

  • Sharing what I have learned with others
  • Living close to nature
  • Many of these values still hold true for me. I see some of them in a different light, one of increased honoring and self-respect. Reading this list reminded me that while many things have changed in my life, I did know what I wanted and needed.


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