Friday link roundup 7/1

Generally, I’ve heard resilience talked about in terms of how much one can endure. This article talks about it in terms of how one recharges and recovers.

Literary legends Toni Morrison, Sonia Sanchez, Ta-Nehisi Coasts Discuss Art and Social Justice.

What is trauma? This article on deciphering trauma talks about what it is – and is not.

A relatable Tumblr post about the experience of anxiety.

Want to stay informed, but not feel bombarded by the amount of information news sites? I subscribe to regular e-mails from Bit of News, which summarizes worldwide news from the day.

I love this piece from Layla Martin from her public Facebook page about the power of love.

Today, July 1st is Canada Day. More information on Canada Day and its traditions.  Canadian artists on their experiences of the holiday.

Ideas on how to have a sensory-friendly Fourth of July. This article is geared towards parents with children with sensory issues, and I think it has good things to keep in mind for people of all ages.


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