An ideal sensory-friendly community

Someone asked recently on the Facebook SPD Adult Support Group: What would be your ideal sensory-friendly community?

My response:

My sensory friendly community would be a quiet place in the mountains. There would be hammocks in the trees and several outdoor trampolines. There would be a sensory tools gym that includes trampolines, cushions, various toys, and also space to move. There would be private rooms in the gym for people who wanted space to move by themselves or in a small group. There would be a large pool and several hot tubs. There would be a community garden, set off to the side, that would have flowers, herbs, and vegetables, and next to it, a fruit tree orchard. Any requests for quiet would be honored, there would be specific spaces for music to be played or heard at a reasonable volume (and would be sound-proofed so the sound wouldn’t carry beyond the room), and otherwise people would wear headphones. There would be a quiet coffeehouse, too. And a grocery store nearby with decent, non-fluorescent lighting.

I could definitely continue to elaborate with this description. What would your ideal community be like, sensory-friendly or otherwise?


One response to this post.

  1. No one would be allowed to wear perfume or cologne/aftershave or at least sit too close to anyone if they were. Personal space is a big thing to me. I also have texture issues with food, so a variety menu or bring your own food and cooking areas to cook it.


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