Friday link roundup 7/29

Hillary Clinton made history last night by becoming the first woman presidential nominee for a major political party in the United States. You wouldn’t necessarily know it from these front page images accompanying articles about this pivotal moment in newspapers from this week.

For those who hear voices while in states of psychosis, what they hear may vary depending on culture.

The San Diego Comic Con was a big recent event, and many people dress up – cosplay (short for “costume play”) – as characters from comics, books, movies, and TV series for conventions like these. On how cosplayers use their costumes to bring out different sides of themselves.

In the Middle Ages, books were scarce, and libraries were sanctuaries where people could come and read. However, they couldn’t check the books out – the books were chained to the shelves. This article talks about the chained libraries that still exist.

More on books: In Buenos Aires, a theater converted into a bookstore creates a beautiful cultural haven for visitors.


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