I am ready.

Sunrise awakening

Sunrise Awakening, 2013


Ready is awakening within me
Bright colors swirling
consciousness growing
I see, acknowledge and claim
my power so much more.
Speaking out and up, up, up
Strongly rooted to the earth
I stand, dreams ready:
I believe in this and
more and more each day.

I wake up to a new kind of clarity
wrapping myself in light wholeness
breaking my heart open
This is what I came for –
knowing I can do this
I can do more than I ever imagined

I give myself permission
to open to my gifts,
to feel deeply, emotions expressing without

Knowing this, being this, holding this
Every day a practice of surrender
I open up my hands
to prayer
to joy
to healing
to what is

I am ready for

– February 2013

Note: In retrospect, I think I was ready, but I didn’t know exactly what I was ready for. I was definitely willing and determined…and the next act of my life turned out differently than expected. Standing where I am now, I appreciate where my life has taken me.


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