Friday link roundup 9/2

Several articles about the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline: Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Recall America’s Historical Shame. An article directly from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: We’ve Always Occupied the Prairie and Aren’t Going Anywhere. The United Nations say the indigenous people of the area must be consulted before anything else happens. From the BBC: a view into life at the protest camps.

A study finds that dogs process speech in a similar way to humans.

Archaeologists discuss how ancient Greek statues looked when they were painted in color.

In a letter to incoming freshman, the University of Chicago stated they would not condone safe spaces or trigger warnings. This article discusses the stigma around trigger warnings in regards to PTSD and other mental illnesses. In this article from Vox, the author argues that the University of Chicago’s stance isn’t about academic freedom, but about power.

As a child, I carried around my blankie – a yellow blanket fringed with cotton lace – around everywhere.  A post on the effect of blankies and comfort objects on children and their development: Did You Have a ‘Blankie’ As A Kid? Here’s What That Says About the Adult You.


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