Friday link roundup 11/18

In Minnesota, former refugee Ilhan Omar made history by becoming the first Somali-American lawmaker in the United States.

Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away this past week. A tribute from the pages of the New York Times.

Differing opinions and accounts: a tool created by the Wall Street Journal, shows news stories pulled from liberal and conservative Facebook feeds side by side.

In the 1970s and 80s, a photographer snapped pictures of people in his hometown. In the past seven years, he’s tracked down many of his subjects to re-create those photos. He now has published the photos from the past and present in his new book called “Reunions.” Read (and see) more.

A woman describes how the Nia Technique helped her recover from major PTSD and depression, and reconnect with her body. It’s a ten minute TEDx talk, and I think it’s worth watching.

Graphic designer and card creator Emily McDowell has co-authored a book called “There is No Good Card For This.” This book that embodies the messages of her empathy cards and looks at how people approach situations in life for which it’s challenging to find the right words.

Miami Beach is running out of sand.


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  1. Hi there! I tried to find an email to contact you somehow rather than leaving a message but can’t find one. I just thought this would be a fun link to include in a holiday roundup that’s a little magical and out of the ordinary!


    • Thanks for the link! And also for the inspiration/idea to do a holiday roundup! (I’m thinking likely I’ll do it in early December). I also just added a contact page and form to my blog. 🙂


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