Friday link roundup 12/30

From election politics to celebrity deaths and more, 2016 has seemed like a very tense and intense year for many. But there’s more to this past year than that. I’ve gathered some lists and articles from different sources to honor 2016 as a whole.

From Buzzfeed: 17 badass women you probably didn’t hear about in 2016. I found it inspiring to read about these women from around the world, many of whom have persevered in the face of adversity.

The editors at Feministing recap their favorite feminist articles (from the internet outside of Feministing) from this year.

The Year in Reading: Avid readers – who are also prominent poets, artists, filmmakers, diplomats, and more – share the books that accompanied them throughout this year.

More books! From the BBC, their picks for the best books of 2016.

A list of the best (most highly rated) films from 2016, and where to watch them.

From Vox: best underrated albums, 15 songs that showed there was goodness in 2016, and more “best of” lists.

From Medium: 99 reasons why 2016 has been a great year for humanity. I found this article refreshing at a time where it’s sometimes challenging for me to find the bright spots in what’s happening around the world. This list shares progress made in environmental conservation efforts, global health, economics, and more.

On a similar note from via YES! Magazine, 5 Signs of Positive Change in 2016.

A timeline of historical events in 2016.

Words from 2016:  A list of words that defined 20165 Words that explain 2016. Slang words teens loved to use in 2016 and their meanings.


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