Friday link roundup 1/13

On Wednesday night, the Senate voted on budget provisions for the Affordable Care Act. This post shares details and makes some important distinctions.

For 25 years, Canada has been building a coast-to-coast trail. Now, it’s almost done.

A list of 20 fitness smartphone apps that might help you get in shape. Most are free. The list includes DownDog, the yoga app I’ve already blogged about. I just downloaded AllTrails, which includes information on around 50,000 hiking and mountain biking trails in North America.

Maybelline just hired their first male spokesperson. In Fall 2016, CoverGirl hired their first male ambassador for their brand.

Some people have drawn parallels between Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and recent current events. It’s timely, then, that Hulu is producing their own version of the story starring Elizabeth Moss. This article includes a trailer of the series.

A new kind of food pantry is sprouting up in yards across America. It’s similar to the concept of little Free Libraries, except with nonperishable food items.

Community Links

I’m encouraging you all to share your blogs, links, etc. You can send them to me here. I’d love this to be a regular section, and to support you!

Grand Lens Photography, a New York City-based photography business, photographs weddings and more. They’re also a great resource; they post regularly on their blog.  Here’s a blog on three reasons photo prints are great.

Looking for more insight and pizazz in your makeup routine? This site,, has tutorials on a range of topics, from choosing the right shade for your skin to makeup application tips. Here’s a link to their tutorial on makeup for brown eyes.


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