Space between.

This is a short note of gratitude to parks. Today, stopping at a park punctuated my time between Nia demos (two scheduled in the same day…perhaps more on that in a later post). I had brought my lunch along, so I found a place to sit in the grass and took the time to eat. It was nice to sit and have my solo picnic, to feel the grass beneath me, to feel gratitude for the tree that was providing me shade.

Also, it helped me transition from one event to another more easily. I didn’t stay there long, but it was enough to give me a little space and breathing room.


It was a good reminder of how refreshing it can be to stop and pause, even just for a few minutes.


One response to this post.

  1. Yes!! I was flying south in June, and was changing planes in Berlin. With a couple of hours to kill (but not enough energy to venture into town), I walked out to the parking! lot! that was surrounded by strips of trees… and sat next to a friendly oak for almost an hour. Felt absolutely grounded and revived when getting on board the next connection. Trees. ❤


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