I am tired…

I am tired.

I am tired of hearing about another shooting.

I am tired of watching the back and forth of arguments after each shooting.

I am tired of seeing people (especially on social media) making their arguments by belittling people that disagree with them. I see this on all sides on a variety of issues, so this is not meant to be a pointed finger at any particular ideological group. I know it can be challenging to do, though. But I would like to see more people say what they believe without telling others how wrong they are. Tell me why you believe what you believe. List personal reasons. Include some references and links. I may not see what you see or feel what you feel, but I may have more of an idea of how you got to your point of view.

I saw a Facebook post that linked to a Twitter post by one of the survivors of the recent Florida school shooting. The poster (on Facebook) said that it wasn’t about gun control, that that particular person just needed to “grow up.” I was like, well, that person just survived a mass shooting where other people lost their lives. Opinions or anything else aside, where is the compassion for that experience?

Also, opinions put forward: clearly, something needs to change.


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