Recent songs on my head.

Sounds that have been on my head lately (follow the links if you want to hear more):

I’ve been learning a new Nia routine, called Deep Dive. While a variety of songs from the playlist run through my head throughout the day, this one, called Silence, is my favorite.

I’ve been watching/listening to the clips from Jesus Christ Superstar Live since they appeared on YouTube after the live broadcast last Sunday. Here is Sara Bareilles singing “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.”

So…Disney’s Frozen is opening as a full-fledged musical on Broadway, more complete with new songs by the movie’s original songwriting duo. They just released a video of one of the new songs, Monster,” sung by the woman who plays Elsa. I listened to it once, and later had to remember what it was because some of the lyrics kept on going through my head. And so I listened to it again. Here’s the link. (Note: I think it’s catchy, but not in the way “Let it Go” is. This one’s powerful, too, but more introspective with a little darkness thrown in.)

I hold no responsibility if any of these get on your head as well. It’s completely your choice to click the links, after all. 🙂


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