While in Portland, I…

On August 17, I caught a flight to Portland, Oregon. Here are a few of the things I did while there:

Satisfied childhood nostalgia:  My mom moved to the greater Portland area when I was eight years old. I finished up my second grade year in New Mexico and joined her that summer. I lived there for a year, and then returned to New Mexico to live with my dad. My mom lived there for two more years (three in all), and I spent my breaks from school with her. So I have some attachment from my childhood to that area. I have only been there a few times as a teenager and young adult, so it was nice to go back there and experience it.

In this category:

Went to the Saturday Market.

My mom and I used to go when I was younger. I remember it being much smaller. Well, it probably was, but so was I. Still, some of the booths looked familiar. I browsed, got a cool piece of decor for our condo, and grabbed lunch. It was also great to near the Willamette River again.

Went to Powell’s Books, aka the best bookstore in the world. And perhaps one of the more overwhelming ones if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Or most magical. Or a combination. Aside from the online catalog where I could easily find out if they had a book and where to find it, it pretty much looks like I remember it. Last time I was there: around sixteen years ago. First time I was there: age 8.

Also in that category that I did not get to this time: the Rose Garden in Washington Park. Perhaps next time.

Did some quintessential Portland things:

Some of this happened incidentally through walking around and experiencing the city. For example, watching two men play a life-sized chess game in the park, overhearing some of the summer concert series, people-watching at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Washington Park station

The MAX train coming in at Washington Park Station

I took the MAX light-rail train daily, which dropped me off right across the street from my destination. Accessible public transportation rocks.

Grabbed dinner at a food truck. There’s a whole block in Downtown Portland that has a variety of choices. I did this twice and had delicious Thai food.

Had a lavender donut. And a lavender chai. Although my favorite was the house chai (no lavender, nice spice) at Case Study Coffee Roasters.

There are so many places to go in Portland: restaurants, museums, gardens, and so much more. The extra that I did get to see and experience, I did in my spare time. But I wasn’t really there as a tourist. I didn’t have a lot of extra time to explore.

Why was I in Portland, Oregon, for a week? I was taking my Nia Blue Belt training at NiaStudio at Nia Headquarters. It was an amazing experience. Perhaps more on that later in a separate post.

Nia international headquarters

It was also freeing to return to Portland on my own for the first time as an adult. It was wonderful to fulfill some nostalgic longings and to experience a place I once thought of as home through new eyes.


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  1. I am amazed you had time to do anything at all. I remember there being no spare time. Just evening and for me that was eating dinner and recuperating from the day!


    • Aside from the parks that are near HQ and the train that was part of my daily commute, I did most of these things on the day the training started (it started at 4 p.m., and I arrived in Portland there the day before). I did walk around downtown during the last part of the lunch break sometimes. At night, I mostly just grabbed dinner and went back to where I was staying.


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