Friday link roundup 10/19

At long last, another link roundup. I’ve been gathering these links for a while.

Ohio’s first recovery high school prepares to open in Columbus.

An in-depth article that challenges the many misperceptions and obesity.

Why the 8-hour workday doesn’t work. Includes ideas on what kind of structure works better.

On posture: To fix that pain in your back, you might have to change the way you sit. Really great information and insights. Also, instructions on how to sit properly. I’m finding the suggestions really helpful — when I remember to do them, that is. 🙂

From the LA Times: White progressive parents and the conundrum of privilege. These parents may try to teach their progressive values to their children, but how they act, where they live, and where they send their children to school may have a greater impact on kids’ perspectives of racial inequality, social class, etc.

A new illustrated book introduces the national parks to kids.

A few voting-related links! Your vote does matter. I hope to share more links as we get closer to Election Day on November 6.

  • Want to see what’s on your local ballot for the upcoming election? Go to You can put in your address and it will show you what’s on your ballot, and even some information on ballot questions. You can even select who or what you’re going to vote for and print it out to take with you to the polls.
  • Also, early voting is starting (or has started!) in many states! Check this calendar to see the information for your state. I like early voting because it’s often more convenient and less busy.
  • And if you’re voting on Election Day and you need a ride, Uber is providing free rides to the polls. 

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