Election Day 2018 Links! Get out and vote!

Attention voters in the United States:

If you have done early voting or turned in your ballot for the midterm election, great! Go you!

If you are registered to vote (or are in a state where you can register on the day of), go vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018!

States where you can register to vote on Election Day (list from here): California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington D.C. If you are in North Dakota, you can go to a polling place with a valid I.D. and vote.

Wherever you live, you can find your assigned polling place here.

Need a ride? Or are you available to give someone a ride? Go to carpoolvote.com and request a ride or offer one here.

Uber and Lyft are offering discounted rides to the polls with the promo code available on the apps on Election Day. They are also offering free rides to the polls in underserved communities. More information here.  (The link also includes information about bike sharing, scooter sharing, and free public transportation in select cities).

Need time off from work to vote? Here is information on different state’s laws on time off from work and voting.

Important to know: You need to be in line to vote before polls close. If you are in line at closing time, the polling place must stay open to allow you to vote.

The Election Protection Hotline can help people who have been turned away from the polls. If you or someone you know has this happen, call 866-OUR-VOTE. More resources that might be helpful are in this article by The New York Times (scroll down towards the bottom of the page for information about day-of tips and resources).

Once the polls are closed and the results are in, Ballotpedia is tracking the results from the major races in each state.

Some late-night and talk show hosts are hosting election day live specials.

From Bustle: 7 Ways to watch the election results roll in.


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