Friday link roundup 1/10

A city in Ohio made Election Day a paid holiday by swapping out Columbus Day.

Indigenous runners Rosalie Fish and Jordan Marie Daniel run for their people.

A man filmed a tree in the woods with a motion-detecting camera for a year and this is the result.

The tiger population in India is on the rise.

Volunteers around the world are sewing (and knitting, and crocheting, etc.) pouches for Australia’s orphaned or injured kangaroos, koalas and bats.

Feminists are demonstrating outside of the New York courthouse where Harvey Weinstein’s trial is being held.

Okinawa, Japan, has been home to numerous centenarians (people who have reached 100 or older) throughout the years. This article and accompanying video from the BBC discovers that human connection with loved ones may be key in living longer.

How the Australian wildfires were fueled by climate change…and now are fueling climate change.

One response to this post.

  1. cool links! I especially loved the story about the volunteers knitting and crocheting pouches for kangaroos!


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