Link roundup 1/24

Link roundup: A place where I share articles, news, blog posts, etc. that I’ve found and collected over the week.

Need more support for your mental health? From NPR: some tips on how to start therapy (deciding to go, find a therapist, choose the right kind of therapy for you, etc.)

Racial dynamics between American women are flipped in this illuminating photo series.

Nigerian-Swedish photographer Mikael Owunna’s latest work aims to transform the black body into “the cosmos and eternal.” Through this project, he worked to challenge negative media portrayals of black people (and their bodies) and created beautiful and empowering photographs.

School lunch news: A second-grader in Maryland raises money for classmates who can’t afford school lunch. With their move to Las Vegas, Nevada, the Raiders are donating $500,000 towards eliminating school lunch debt.

The story of two Jeopardy contestants who originally met during their audition, later competed against each other, and ultimately got married.

10 female directors that are making waves in the film industry.

A story of missing Native American women in one county in Montana that reflects a nationwide (or even continent-wide) crisis.

For U.S. voters: The 2020 Primary and Caucus Schedule (many are closed primaries where you have to be a member of one party, but some are open or mixed — check the list). Several states have canceled their Republican primary — check to see if your state is on the list. (As you may or may not know, I’m liberal and a registered Democrat, and I want to cover my bases here because I believe voting is a fundamental right, no matter what party you choose.) Here is a list of the last day you can register to vote before the primary in each state.

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