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Update in pictures

Aside from the link roundups, I haven’t posted much lately. I thought I’d use a few photos to give a glimpse into my life currently. Maybe I’ll do this on a regular basis.

proofreading books

My proofreading reference books. I spent about half this year gradually going through an online course on how to proofread transcripts for court reporters. I finished the course in July and started marketing in the later part of last month. So far, I’ve had a few jobs and two clients. I’m definitely feeling the freelancing life out. In the long run, I hope it picks up; in the meantime, I’m glad that I’ve started.

morning light

I love the soft light in the mornings. Also, the temperatures in the mornings — and in general — are getting cooler. We also turned our air conditioning off (at least for the time being)! Yay!

tree of life earrings

I was at a networking and vendor event on Tuesday, and a customer asked if I could turn these pendants into earrings. This is the result, and I really like how they turned out.



Tiny change:

When I find myself worrying about what’s ahead,
Stop. Put my hand on heart.  Say:
“It’s okay to be here now.”

Collage, 2014


Friday link roundup 8/21

My three affirmation sticker set, now up on Etsy at!  I had fun making them - they definitely brightened up my day.

My three affirmation sticker set, now up on my Etsy shop at!  I had fun making them – and I still smile every time I see them.  

I’ve seen movies – like She’s All That – where the unconventional and quirky female artist gets a makeover. How about someone looking conventional and getting a different kind of makeover?  From Unearthed Comics:  A Makeover for the Soul.

Our natural sleep patterns looked different than 7-9 hours a night.

A village in Kenya where only women and children live.

From Everyday Feminism:  6 Common Forms of Ableism.

From Salon:  On approaches to working with people on the autism spectrum.  Hint:  it has a lot to do with acknowledging and addressing sensory stimuli.

From Buzzfeed:  Graphs for Introverts.  I identified with many of these.