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From 35 to 36

My 36th birthday is tomorrow. So here is my letter to my current age/year.

Dear 35,

I had a harder time writing you down as an age than most years. I say that I really don’t have many issues with aging, but I kept wanting to write “34” for about four months after my birthday. Maybe it’s because you are directly in the middle of the 30s. Maybe it’s because “I’m 35” somehow sounds more adult. I don’t really know why. But, eventually, I adjusted.

This year, I continued to grow and maintain my proofreading business. I’ve been taking more college classes. This is the year I took the Nia Blue Belt training, which was incredibly rewarding and my Nia practice has deepened as a result. This is the year that we bought our first home and have been gradually settling in, truly turning our condo into a home and a comfortable place to live.

I’ve spent so much time in my life in struggle and strive mode (on an internal level mostly) that it’s almost disconcerting not to be there most of the time. Yes, I have challenges in my life, and some I choose to face and others I have not yet faced. I am still healing in many ways from past experiences, but that pain is less at the forefront of my life. And yes, the outside world can be crazy at times. Yet I am content sometimes to just cuddle with my love and let my life be as it is.

I want to enter 36 clear-eyed and willing. Willing to take steps forward and challenging myself without pushing myself too hard. Willing to get to know new people, reach out.

I have to laugh; I sometimes think I prefer the even ages to the odd-numbered ones. Still, 35, you were good to me. Thank you for all you have brought me and taught me.


From 34 to 35

It’s about 9:30 p.m. on the eve of my 35th birthday. And so I write to 34 before I turn 35.


sometimes, I felt in between
settling in,
living a full year
in my new home.

some hesitation
what’s right and when and how

and also: finished a course. started a new business.
got clients. making money,
working from home on my own terms.

contributing more to our household
cherishing the love we have that grows stronger and
stronger each day.

it’s still hard to give myself credit
for all I have done
all I am doing
it’s a work in progress —
I am

giving myself more:
time to be

thank you, 34,
and all you have brought me and
taught me.

35, right in the middle of the 30s,
maybe not significant in some big way
an age demographic shift in surveys
where the choices are 25-34 or 35-44

maybe time is running thinner on some things
but it’s expanding in others

welcome, 35, whatever you bring
whatever I bring into being this year
as the day turns,
I shed this age and take on

My birthday in pictures

My 33rd birthday: a beautiful and full day that included quality time with myself, time with people, and great food.


First, I had a vision therapy session with my occupational therapist. This is part of an art piece hanging in the bathroom at my OT’s temporary office.

After my session, I headed towards the mountains, to the open space park in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.

view from venue

View from the edge of the parking lot of my future wedding venue, looking west towards Albuquerque.

mountains framed

A short walk away, looking through a viewing window structure at the mountains and pond.

I then took myself to lunch and didn’t take any pictures. I can tell you that it was delicious.

ice cream sundae
Once I was less full from lunch, I had a hot fudge sundae for dessert (small, so I wouldn’t over-dessert myself before dinner).

I went home to rest for awhile. Then, I want to dinner with my dad and friends at a restaurant that serves local organic food.


Squash ravioli. Yum!


Dessert: dark chocolate pudding with raspberry preserves and whipped cream. It was so good, I scrapped the glass clean. Also, they put a candle in it!

Card from friends in my Nia class. On Wednesday, they threw me a birthday class with many of my favorite songs. Afterward, we had a small breakfast picnic (with a blanket on the dance floor).

More cards, from a variety of people in my life. Sweet messages and great images. I feel very loved, and blessed to have such wonderful connections.


The waning moon, bright in the sky as we drove home from dinner.

I talked to my love on FaceTime, then went to bed.

So grateful for my life.