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Friday link roundup 4/7

50 things to say to you child instead of “How was your day?”

In this short film, kids describe their emotions.

How screen time may affect kids’ sensory processing abilities.

How having a transgender child changed this Texas mother’s perspective. Also talks about transgender children in schools, policies, bathrooms, and much more.

In case of emergency: A story (article and video clip) about the seed vault in remote northern Norway, full of seeds from plants from all over the world.

On a matriarchal tribe in southwest China.

In pursuit of a flat stomach? Why having a little belly fat is a good thing for women.

In light of the recent chemical attack in Syria, how chemical attacks impact children.

A conversation at the playground


Conversation on the swingset at a local park last Wednesday:

Little Girl (LG for short, around 4 years old): “You can’t go to my school because you’re too big.”
“Are you a kid?”
Me: “No.”
LG: “Then why are you on a swing?”
Me: “Because adults need to play, too.”
LG: “And roll in the grass?”
Me: “Yes. I did that the other day.”