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Friday link roundup 6/2

Need a dose of laughter? 14 female cartoonists to follow.

From Buzzfeed:  a week of lunches on a $20 budget.

In light of the president withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement, mayors of numerous U.S. cities are affirming their commitment to it.

This piece from NPR looks at five things that could possibly change (in the U.S. and worldwide) in response to the U.S. withdrawing from the climate deal.

A reflection of the history of the Golden Gate Bridge as it turns 80.

Wonder Woman comes out in theaters today and is getting good reviews. A review with thoughts on female representation. This article reflects on whether Wonder Woman will change the luck (and prevalence) of superhero movies starring female characters.

Today is apparently National Doughnut Day in the U.S. Here’s a list of places that are offering deals (free, or free with purchase). Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go satisfy that sudden (and effectively marketed) craving….



Friday link roundup 1/22

What is the ideal length for a nap?  This article gives suggestions based on different benefits.

For Star Wars fans:  Carrie Fisher interviews Daisy Ridley.  This interview was from the fall, and I was still excited to find it.

Doula support for pregnant women could improve care and reduce costs.

For Harry Potter and Alan Rickman fans:  someone put together the important scenes from the 8 Harry Potter films that include Professor Severus Snape.

How big Spiderman’s feet would really need to be to support scaling walls and skyscrapers.

50 Revealing Questions (that aren’t too deep) that might be good to ask on a date – or for icebreaker activities – to avoid small talk.

I’ve definitely seen a meditation room in an airport, but not a yoga room.  These airports have yoga rooms.

Friday link roundup

Hematite heart pendant with copper wire and crystal beads

Hematite heart pendants with copper wire and crystal beads

Tips from PsychCentral on strategies to help manage anxiety.
I often use Strategy #4 – tapping into creativity.  I’ve channeled some of my anxious energy this week into making jewelry.  (I do wire wrapping, see image on left).

The trailer for the next (and possibly last) movie from Studio Ghibli, known for films such as Spirited Away.  

Something I would not have expected:  a motivational rap inspired by Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly.

An article from 2013 on how art and music are professions worth fighting for.  As an artist, I appreciate this. 

Imagine:  a research institution with books, artists’ studios, and dormitories; a place to retreat, study, and be close to nature.  An article on the vision behind the Rocky Mountain Land Library project.

Happy Friday!