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Friday link roundup 12/9 ~ December Holiday edition

Here’s my first themed Friday link roundup! I’m also hoping to do a year-end/New Year’s one at the end of this month.

Music and Merriment: 

Looking for a theme to your party? Last year, wedding photographers and bloggers Becca and Chris created and hosted a Harry Potter Yule Ball party. I love how much detail they put into their invitations and creative decor.

Staying on the Harry Potter theme, a British fan created a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree.

Oncreating a stress-free holiday party.

Looking to view Christmas lights displays in your area? This database allows people to list their displays so others can find them.

Looking for an alternative to a live Christmas tree? Here are some ideas on this Pinterest board.

From Billboard: the most downloaded holiday songs in recent years.

From Everyday Feminism: Christmas songs with feminist messages.

Season of Giving: Gift Guides

Gift ideas for the “grammar geek” in your life.

“Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.
And something to light up the world.”  Gift Guide by Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery.

Encouraging young feminists: Empowering gifts for girls.

Shop Blue: Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl created a compilation of items from shops run by women and minorities who are Democrats. On her regular blog, she also has suggestions for gifts for toddlers; gifts for babies; and gifts for the tea lover in your life.

Gift Guide for Highly Sensitive People & Introverts.

Donations + Supporting Causes and People You Love: I love how this gift guide from Design Sponge includes a variety of ideas, including: donations to causes, handmade gifts, subscriptions, and experiences.

Whether you’re donating in honor of someone for the holidays or doing your annual year-end giving, Charity Navigator has tips, ratings, and more.

Articles, tips, and more

This article is several years old, and still has relevant tips about how to minimize food waste during the holiday season.

A parent reflects on approaches to kids and gift-giving.

An article about being depressed and in mourning during the holidays.

Holiday tips for parents of kids with sensory processing disorder, from a blog and from an occupational therapist.  Several ideas for sensory activities for the holidays:

Rachel Schneider’s take on surviving the holidays (and holiday vacations) as an adult with sensory processing disorder.

Tips for Introverts during the Holiday Season:

6 steps introverts can take to lessen their stress during this busy season.

Tips for introverts on dealing with holiday parties.

An introverted parent’s guide to surviving the holidays.

Need a break from the hustle and bustle?

Pictures of calming winter scenes.

A cute picture of two cats next to a Christmas tree.

Sensory gifts

As I continue to realize how much my sensory processing issues have affected me throughout my life, I acknowledge that it’s easy to fall into thinking how they have challenged and limited me. I recognize that these issues and experiences bring both gifts and challenges.  I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of the gifts:

  • The incredible delight I can feel when my fiancé touches me, the way simple sensations can be exquisitely amplified.
  • The way music feels when I can concentrate on it and allow all my senses to come alive, as though every instrument is stroking me softly.
  • I love how I appreciate soft textures, how touching certain fabrics can soothe me.
  • Tasting something delicious can feel like a whole body experience.
  • I feel deeply and have a high level of empathy and energetic sensitivity.
  • When I retreat to restore my energy, I enjoy my own company.
  • I appreciate my rich and intricate inner world.
  • My sensitivities deepen my creative process as an artist and a writer.
  • I have developed excellent self-care skills.
  • I have gained incredible strength and insight in finding how to approach my life in ways that work for me.

I am sure there are more.  What gifts does something that challenges you bring you?

Friday link roundup 12/11

This article discusses the difficulty the concept of positive thinking may pose to people with disabilities.

The first time I heard the question of “Which pronouns do you prefer?” was in late college (over ten years ago).  This article discusses the continual emergence and advocacy of non-binary pronouns.

From Buzzfeed:  11 Things People with Anxiety Want You to Know.

I think this list of 15 things to do if you’re having a bad day is excellent.  Several of the items are DBT PLEASE skills ( taking care of your mind and emotions by taking care of your body:  focusing on sleep, exercise, etc).

Brené Brown, through her COURAGEWORKS courses, is offering a free online course called The Anatomy of Trust.  On Facebook she wrote, “While maintaining trust is critical in every aspect of our lives, we struggle with how to talk about it. When we say ‘I just don’t trust you’ to someone, it rarely helps.”

Looking for a gift for someone who needs the gift or relaxation?  Go here.  I think many of the gifts would be appropriate for the sensory sensitive. There are definitely times I wouldn’t mind having a tent around my bed.



A sensory conference and gift ideas!

I had two things I wanted to briefly share:

A free online sensory conference on November 15!  SPD Parent Zone just received a generous donation that enabled them to offer their upcoming conference for free.  The conference has over 7 speakers, including Rachel S. Schneider of Coming to My Senses.  If you can’t watch it live, there will be a recording for later.  Go here to register!

I really like this idea.  This is short notice, since this offer closes tonight at midnight, but Mighty Girl is offering something called Advents for Good.  It’s an Advent Grab Bag, and the concept is to grab an item for each day leading up to Christmas.  They can also make great gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. for the occasion of your choice.  They say that the gifts inside are appropriate for ages 4 and up, and that kids and adults alike will enjoy them.  Also, 20% of the proceeds go to Intrahealth International to fund training for nurses to provide healthcare in under-served communities.  For more information, go here.