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Friday link roundup 12/1

Family honors a grandmother’s memory by displaying all her quilts at her funeral.

This video might be a little corny. However, I laughed and I think it’s cute. It also includes a meaningful message about gratitude and gifts for the season.

The books that make up the Christmas book tree in the White House library. Well, there is consistency in color, if not subject material.

A sensory friendly Santa! The 30-minute visits include an opportunity for kids to sit with Santa as well as participate in arts and crafts activities in a low-key environment.

Participate in Susannah Conway’s December Reflections, a creative way to go through December through taking (sharing optional) a picture each day. There’s a Facebook group to go with it, so you get to see what other people from all over the world have come up with.

It’s December 1st! A variety of creative advent calendars.

Friday link roundup 12/25

A heartwarming story of when a mother told her daughter the truth about Santa Claus, about the importance of tradition and family.

I wasn’t aware until I read this article that Puritans banned the public celebration of Christmas for a generation.

9 Winter Holiday Folktales from Around the World.

An arts and crafts project:  a how-to on preserving a dried dandelion in resin.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of the new Broadway musical Hamilton, which uses hip-hop and other kinds of music to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton.  NPR talks with the actor who plays Aaron Burr, the vice president who is best known for killing Hamilton in a duel.

A video of an Icelandic band singing a 13th century hymn in a train station.  I think it’s stunning.



Winter Solstice

As fall turns toward winter and it gets dark earlier, I often feel more subdued, more quiet, more sad.

When I was younger, during this time of year, I counted the days down to solstice and longer days.  At same time, I dreaded winter. It was less the cold – although I get cold easily – and more my moods, which often felt deeper and darker.

I realize now that winter feels more internal to me. Sometimes it’s easy to think a desire to go inward as negative when I feel pushed to be out in the world.

In one of my favorite fantasy series, there’s a character who observes winter solstice – “The Longest Night” – by keeping vigil all night. While staying up is not in the cards for me, I appreciate the symbolic and ritual nature of this, the silent observation.
I appreciate solstice traditions that include celebrating the darkness and the return of the light, giving a sense of renewal.


How I celebrated this year: Today, my morning Nia class involved no verbal cues, and the focus was on internal peace and joy.  This afternoon,  I went an open space to watch Sandhill Cranes.  Tonight, I may light a candle. This Winter Solstice, I honor the darkness.  I honor the parts of me that crave silence and introspection.  I honor the parts of me that want to take flight.  I turn towards the light.

flying crane


A sensory conference and gift ideas!

I had two things I wanted to briefly share:

A free online sensory conference on November 15!  SPD Parent Zone just received a generous donation that enabled them to offer their upcoming conference for free.  The conference has over 7 speakers, including Rachel S. Schneider of Coming to My Senses.  If you can’t watch it live, there will be a recording for later.  Go here to register!

I really like this idea.  This is short notice, since this offer closes tonight at midnight, but Mighty Girl is offering something called Advents for Good.  It’s an Advent Grab Bag, and the concept is to grab an item for each day leading up to Christmas.  They can also make great gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. for the occasion of your choice.  They say that the gifts inside are appropriate for ages 4 and up, and that kids and adults alike will enjoy them.  Also, 20% of the proceeds go to Intrahealth International to fund training for nurses to provide healthcare in under-served communities.  For more information, go here.