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Friday link roundup 7/7

An introverted yoga teacher reflects on her experience.

A stage actress who has had parts in the musical wrote a sequel to Fiddler on the Roof.

How did kids from Germany and Cameroon fare on a study on self-control? Read this to find out.

A town in Italy started using silent fireworks to help their animals, who often get distressed by the noise.

About a feminist retirement home in Paris.

How well do you know the shape of each state? From Time: An exercise in drawing the 50 U.S. States.

The public comment period for the national monuments under review by the U.S. Department of the Interior ends on July 10th.  Follow this link to post your comments.


Friday link roundup 4/21

Netflix has released a series called 13 Reasons Why, based on the book by the same name. While I’ve read plot synopses, I’ve never read or watched either one (my choice). The story is centers around a teenager who dies by suicide and the tapes she leaves behind to describe what (and who) contributed to her decision. I’m sharing articles about the series because the show addresses sensitive topics, and I think raising mental health and suicide awareness is important — and it’s also important to make an informed decision on whether to watch the show (or things to consider if you do). So, trigger warning in these articles for mentions and discussions of suicide, rape, and sexual harassment and assault.  A guide to the series for parents and teachers.  First-person articles from people who have watched it: Why I Wish I Didn’t Watch ’13 Reasons Why.’  4 Important Lessons From ’13 Reasons Why.’  About the show’s visual choices and using teen iconography.  From someone who lost a friend as a teen: 13 Reasons Why Tells a Captivating Story, but Not My Story.  How the show’s promise to raise teen mental health awareness backfired.  On how the show addresses rape culture.

Have some nostalgia with a show that depicts the background of an infamous fictional thief: A future Netflix release that might excite people who grew up in the ’90s: Carmen Sandiego! I don’t know how many hours I spent playing “Where in the World…” then “Where in Time…” on my computer, in addition to watching the PBS game show. I think I also watched the cartoon series a few times, too.

Creative Action Network: A global community of artist and designers making art with purpose. Plus, you can submit your own art that follow the different sayings and themes!

Live updates of the March for Science from all around the world.

There’s a theory that there are four types of introversion.

A few reactions to Starbucks’ limited-time-only Unicorn Frappuccino. What I’ve heard from people I know: “It’s sweet,” and “I’m not sure about this…”

Friday link roundup 12/9 ~ December Holiday edition

Here’s my first themed Friday link roundup! I’m also hoping to do a year-end/New Year’s one at the end of this month.

Music and Merriment: 

Looking for a theme to your party? Last year, wedding photographers and bloggers Becca and Chris created and hosted a Harry Potter Yule Ball party. I love how much detail they put into their invitations and creative decor.

Staying on the Harry Potter theme, a British fan created a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree.

Oncreating a stress-free holiday party.

Looking to view Christmas lights displays in your area? This database allows people to list their displays so others can find them.

Looking for an alternative to a live Christmas tree? Here are some ideas on this Pinterest board.

From Billboard: the most downloaded holiday songs in recent years.

From Everyday Feminism: Christmas songs with feminist messages.

Season of Giving: Gift Guides

Gift ideas for the “grammar geek” in your life.

“Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.
And something to light up the world.”  Gift Guide by Glennon Doyle Melton of Momastery.

Encouraging young feminists: Empowering gifts for girls.

Shop Blue: Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl created a compilation of items from shops run by women and minorities who are Democrats. On her regular blog, she also has suggestions for gifts for toddlers; gifts for babies; and gifts for the tea lover in your life.

Gift Guide for Highly Sensitive People & Introverts.

Donations + Supporting Causes and People You Love: I love how this gift guide from Design Sponge includes a variety of ideas, including: donations to causes, handmade gifts, subscriptions, and experiences.

Whether you’re donating in honor of someone for the holidays or doing your annual year-end giving, Charity Navigator has tips, ratings, and more.

Articles, tips, and more

This article is several years old, and still has relevant tips about how to minimize food waste during the holiday season.

A parent reflects on approaches to kids and gift-giving.

An article about being depressed and in mourning during the holidays.

Holiday tips for parents of kids with sensory processing disorder, from a blog and from an occupational therapist.  Several ideas for sensory activities for the holidays:

Rachel Schneider’s take on surviving the holidays (and holiday vacations) as an adult with sensory processing disorder.

Tips for Introverts during the Holiday Season:

6 steps introverts can take to lessen their stress during this busy season.

Tips for introverts on dealing with holiday parties.

An introverted parent’s guide to surviving the holidays.

Need a break from the hustle and bustle?

Friday link roundup 10/21

Why I wear what I want and so should you. An argument against wearing what is promoted as “flattering.”

19 Beautiful Bookstores in the U.S.

A barber in Michigan gives kids a discount on their haircuts if they read to him. The widespread responses to this NPR story, and how this might encourage others to follow this barber’s example to promote reading.

An introvert’s advice on how to respond to acquaintances who ask intrusive questions: ask them about their own lives.

On creating (and hiring) more diversity in the technology field, and what people in Seattle are doing to promote change.

In late 2015 in Saudi Arabia, a royal decree granted women the right to participate in local elections. A documentary records the experiences of Saudi women voting for the first time.

Friday link roundup 9/30

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Trauma. An important read for anyone who has experienced trauma and their loved ones.

Marzi of Introvert Doodles created a chart of a dilemma that introverts sometimes (er, often?) face: when to go out and when to stay in.

About an artist who painted her circle of women at the turn of the 20th century.

In Colombia, a peace deal brings 52 years of conflict to an end.

About the strategy Obama’s female staffers took to make sure their voices were heard.

Friday link round-up 7/15

13 Empowering Photos showing there’s no right way to be a boy.

Violinist Lindsey Stirling’s mesmerizing performance video of her song, The Arena.

Founded by a woman who was in the foster system, the nonprofit organization Kaden’s Closet offers clothing and necessities for children in the foster system.

While a very engaged student, I was very quiet and often struggled with active participation requirements in classes. This article discusses how teachers can include and engage more introverted students.

Nintendo’s Pokemon Go app has quickly become popular since its recent release, and there have been many stories about its effect on people. Here is a story from the perspective of someone with a physical disability. How the game led a woman – who lives with panic disorder and other conditions – to meet her neighbor and find unexpected kinship.

Friday link roundup 8/21

My three affirmation sticker set, now up on Etsy at!  I had fun making them - they definitely brightened up my day.

My three affirmation sticker set, now up on my Etsy shop at!  I had fun making them – and I still smile every time I see them.  

I’ve seen movies – like She’s All That – where the unconventional and quirky female artist gets a makeover. How about someone looking conventional and getting a different kind of makeover?  From Unearthed Comics:  A Makeover for the Soul.

Our natural sleep patterns looked different than 7-9 hours a night.

A village in Kenya where only women and children live.

From Everyday Feminism:  6 Common Forms of Ableism.

From Salon:  On approaches to working with people on the autism spectrum.  Hint:  it has a lot to do with acknowledging and addressing sensory stimuli.

From Buzzfeed:  Graphs for Introverts.  I identified with many of these.