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Link roundup 12/14

Now that my semester is over, I have a little more time on my hands. Enough time to create a link list for this week, anyway.

All-women Delta crew flies 120 girls to NASA headquarters to inspire female aviators.

The power of grandmothers: Orca whale grandmothers ensure that baby whales live longer.

99 good (as in positive) news stories from 2019.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just voted to institute a three-digit suicide prevention and mental health hotline number within the next 18 months.

If you’re a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical work, the full trailer for the film version of In the Heights is out. (I’ve watched it multiple times since it came out the other day).

Scientists call for a complete ban on glitter.

From the BBC: A straightforward guide on the Trump impeachment inquiry.

From Reading My Tea Leaves: A blogger and her creative collaborators share some handmade holiday gift ideas (includes materials list and instructions!)

Friday link roundup 10/18

So I had an hour a few nights ago where I couldn’t sleep, and I ended up gathering a few links. And now I’ve gathered a few more. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to keep up with this on a regular basis again, but I hope to do it at least more regularly. No promises, but I do miss posting these roundups.

What do you have planned this weekend? Have you set aside some time without plans? What happened to the weekend? This post reflects on how weekends are often overscheduled and leave little room for leisure.

Simone Biles has now become the most decorated gymnast in world championship history.

On a 103-year-old winning gold in both the 100-meter and 50-meter dash at this year’s Senior Olympics.

Getting Help for My Mental Health was Hard. Staying Better Was Harder. On how mental health recovery can be an ongoing and long-term process.

An article from Scientific American on the research that stipulates that the fight-or-flight response may be in our bones.

An article from Essence which asks Why Are Black Women In The U.S. More Likely To Die During Or After Childbirth?

A gay couple from Argentina adopted a baby with HIV that had been rejected by numerous families. Now, several years later, the virus is no longer detectable in her blood.

Friday link roundup 4/26

Looking for a good book (or two, or five, or…) to read as summer approaches? Here is NPR’s guide to 2018’s greatest reads.

Lego releases new bricks to teach braille to blind and visually impaired children.

A physicist and his mother are worker together to translate astrophysics into the indigenous Blackfoot language.

An article from the Atlantic about the double-bind of charisma vs. competence that women who run for political office (in this case, president) often face, especially under the scrutiny of the media.

Link roundup 4/19

While I still occasionally gather links, I haven’t posted one of these in a while. I miss doing it on a regular basis. But I’m on spring break and I had time to gather these!

The oldest living person with HIV turns 100.

Why don’t we cook meals for friends struggling with mental health?

An art historian’s digital mapping of Notre Dame Cathedral may help restore it.

Donations up for black churches that were recently burned in Louisiana have gone up since the fire at Notre Dame. Here is the GoFundMe site to donate.

From NPR: Some highlights from the Mueller report (Or lowlights, depending on how you view it).

Friday link roundup 10/13

The Boy Scouts has announced that it will soon start admitting girls.

After 20 years, AOL is shutting down AOL Instant Messenger. Ah, all the memories of good chats….

About the “mystery box” aspects in television shows¬† The Good Place and This is Us.

From the New York Times: stories of several of the women coming forward about their experiences with film producer Harvey Weinstein.

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary online: better ways (or more effective ways) to say, “This sucks.”

Friday link roundup 10/6

Therapy dogs bring comfort to the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting.

Here is a link to one of the major GoFundMe donations campaigns for victims of the Las Vegas shooting, the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund. You can find other related campaigns (including individual campaigns for specific people for medical costs, funeral expenses, etc.) here.

Lin-Manuel Miranda releases a new single to benefit hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Self-care and social media. This has some good insights and tools. The almost incessant access to online material — news, posts, etc — can affect our mental health, and it’s important to know when to take a break, step away, and how to best take of yourself.

Friday link roundup 1/6

5 Resistance Resolutions for the new year; this one includes self-care tactics in the midst of potentially challenging times.  This one is more political, and includes about ways to directly resist the Trump administration during its first 100 days.

Illustrator Emily McDowell’s take on honest New Year’s Resolutions.

“…We know everything we do is so the kids after us/will be able to follow something towards safety;/what can I call us but lighthouses….” A stunning resistance poem by Elisa Chavez, a poet in residence at The Seattle Review of Books..

Does someone tear you down or lift you up with their feedback? Elizabeth Gilbert’s poignant piece on how to figure out who to trust.

13 things Carrie Fisher said about living with mental illness.

From The Atlantic: When Finnish Teachers Work in America’s Public Schools.