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Link roundup 5/29

About teaching children life skills.

On cultural memory — or lack thereof — of the flu pandemic of 1918.

A reopened restaurant in Germany gives patrons hats with pool noodlesto help with social distancing.

As places reopen, here is an NPR article that rates infection risk of various activities, from haircuts to restaurants to camping.

Things white people can do for racial justice.  A great list with a variety of things to do and steps to take. 

On white women, black people, and power.

31 Children’s books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance.

An article from 2017 for white people desiring to be allies.

Live updates on the George Floyd case, protests, and more from the Minneapolis area.




Link roundup 3/28

A reflection on these changing times: That discomfort you’re feeling is grief.

A syllabus: Duke University’s list of books for self- and community care in uncertain times.

Shut In and Sing: A folk and Americana online music festival. Performances several nights a week! Pay what you can! The general website, StageIt, has a variety of other shows too.

Broadway dancers are teaching at-home workouts based on Broadway musicals.

Starting April 2nd, the National Theatre in London is going to stream a play every Thursday, which will be available for one week.

James Dyson designed a ventilator and his company (which generally makes vacuums and air dryers) is planning on making 15,000 ventilators.

The Colorado Symphony performs Ode to Joy, each musician playing from their own home.

Several companies are switching their focus on manufacturing needed supplies to healthcare workers and more. Some examples here. The fashion industry is stepping forward to make more face masks.

On the making and effectiveness of handmade face masks. Instructions, patterns, and more from Jo Ann fabrics.

From the New York Times: F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment and the Coronavirus Plan. A hub for help for various financial resources, with links on everything from how to apply for unemployment benefits to help for renters and people with mortgages.

Link roundup 3/20

Netflix Party: a Chrome extension that allows you and your family and friends to watch movies together.

Speaking of Netflix, Netflix announces fund to support film and television workers during this time.

A list of live virtual concerts to watch during the coronavirus shutdown.

The zoo in Cleveland is offering free online biology courses for children.

An Italian restaurant in Los Angeles is offering free online cooking classes.

Watch animals at the Georgia Aquarium. Read about the “animal field trips” at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

Three minutes of cats and dominoes.

Amazing grassroots efforts happening during this time. More on how people are using online tools to help others.

Time Out New York has created page for things to do with “time in,” both in New York City and otherwise.

Thursday, March 19 marked the earliest first day of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) in over 124 years.

Viral false animal stories: A reminder to fact-check, even with uplifting and heartwarming stories.

Link roundup: at-home activity ideas

I’ve been compiling a list of links people have shared on social media, and some I found on my own. Here are some ideas on some things to do and how to cope if you’re stuck at home due to the spread of COVID-19.

If you have more ideas, resources, links, please feel free to share in the comments!

Stuck at home? Need a break from the news? Have a theatrical or artistic experience!

Virtual museum tours. Links for virtual tours for 12 museums around the world.

Coloring! Download free coloring books from museums.

Cutting-edge streaming videos of performances (theater, dance, etc.) from On the Boards is free from now through the end of April. Use code ARTATHOME20.

30 days free of listening to over 600 orchestral concerts from the Berliner Philharmoniker.

The Metropolitan Opera is offering free streaming of past performances starting on March 16.

Activities for kids:

A Google Docs spreadsheet full of ideas and links.

Scholastic now has a website offering free courses and activities to help kids learn at home while they’re out of school.

Some options for exercising at home:

Down Dog (app): Free until April 1st. Began as a yoga app and now also has apps for barre, HIIT, and 7-minute workouts.

NiaTV: Free for 30 days. Holistic dance fitness routines, healing movement sessions, quick workouts, and more.

Mental health, coping, and self-care

How to deal with your coronavirus anxiety.

From On Being: A listening care package for uncertain times.

From the American Psychological Association: both general mental health tips and resources for mental health providers.

Link roundup 2/15

Des Moines University becomes the first medical school to require a mental health course for students.

According to this article, more Americans went to the library last year than to the movies.

What the most common language spoken in each state of the U.S. that is not English or Spanish? Find out here.

Stop asking people of color to explain racism: some recommendations of books to read instead.

What feeling your heartbeat may say about you and your mental health.

Watch this year’s Academy Award winner for best animated short film: Hair Love. I found it both sweet and poignant.

18 Valentine’s Day traditions (or traditions for days celebrating love) from around the world.

The internet is giving people who are quarantined for coronavirus a social outlet.

From CNN: a webpage that tracks 2020 Democratic primary and caucus results by state.

Link roundup 1/24

Link roundup: A place where I share articles, news, blog posts, etc. that I’ve found and collected over the week.

Need more support for your mental health? From NPR: some tips on how to start therapy (deciding to go, find a therapist, choose the right kind of therapy for you, etc.)

Racial dynamics between American women are flipped in this illuminating photo series.

Nigerian-Swedish photographer Mikael Owunna’s latest work aims to transform the black body into “the cosmos and eternal.” Through this project, he worked to challenge negative media portrayals of black people (and their bodies) and created beautiful and empowering photographs.

School lunch news: A second-grader in Maryland raises money for classmates who can’t afford school lunch. With their move to Las Vegas, Nevada, the Raiders are donating $500,000 towards eliminating school lunch debt.

The story of two Jeopardy contestants who originally met during their audition, later competed against each other, and ultimately got married.

10 female directors that are making waves in the film industry.

A story of missing Native American women in one county in Montana that reflects a nationwide (or even continent-wide) crisis.

For U.S. voters: The 2020 Primary and Caucus Schedule (many are closed primaries where you have to be a member of one party, but some are open or mixed — check the list). Several states have canceled their Republican primary — check to see if your state is on the list. (As you may or may not know, I’m liberal and a registered Democrat, and I want to cover my bases here because I believe voting is a fundamental right, no matter what party you choose.) Here is a list of the last day you can register to vote before the primary in each state.

Link roundup 1/18

Two Canadian teenagers created a backpack that converts into a tent shelter for the homeless for their science fair project.

Movie adaptations of books that are coming out this year.

The almond industry…and the extreme cost to honeybees.

Sampling DNA from a 1,000-year-old manuscript opens up new possibilities for research.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Northern Ireland.

The environmental impact of the fashion industry.

A list of places where you can take free sign language classes online.

The U.S.’s current low unemployment rate doesn’t reflect the real situation of jobs and how much they pay. This article explores the facts and issues behind how many people are working low-wage jobs.

Ever had a yoga teacher say “Namaste” at the end of class? In linguistic terms, “namaste” does not mean what many people think it means.

Aussie firefighters save world’s only groves of prehistoric Wollemi pines.