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Life: celebrate, honor, live.

Life paintingI posted this on my social media pages along with this caption:  “Painting/drawing in honor of life, of choosing to live, learning to thrive, and being true to myself. On this date three years ago, I was severely depressed and hit rock bottom. Today, I honor my healing and all the choices that led me to where I am today.”

On May 25, 2013, I was hospitalized for severe depression and suicidal ideations.

I’ve been feeling the anniversary energy this month – more strongly than this time last year, but less strongly than the first year. In this energy, there’s an intensity, sadness, grief, determination, and more. In time, that energy will likely change or fade. In any case, I hope that I’ll take many more moments to acknowledge and celebrate my life, to celebrate living.

Year One.

Year Two.


I am ready.

Sunrise awakening

Sunrise Awakening, 2013


Ready is awakening within me
Bright colors swirling
consciousness growing
I see, acknowledge and claim
my power so much more.
Speaking out and up, up, up
Strongly rooted to the earth
I stand, dreams ready:
I believe in this and
more and more each day.

I wake up to a new kind of clarity
wrapping myself in light wholeness
breaking my heart open
This is what I came for –
knowing I can do this
I can do more than I ever imagined

I give myself permission
to open to my gifts,
to feel deeply, emotions expressing without

Knowing this, being this, holding this
Every day a practice of surrender
I open up my hands
to prayer
to joy
to healing
to what is

I am ready for

– February 2013

Note: In retrospect, I think I was ready, but I didn’t know exactly what I was ready for. I was definitely willing and determined…and the next act of my life turned out differently than expected. Standing where I am now, I appreciate where my life has taken me.

Love letter: Dear Future Me


Dear future me,

I hope you’ve found more peace of mind.


I honor

This piece was part of my personal cheerleading for yesterday when I felt discouraged.   I’m practicing various acceptance skills, and also working on appreciating myself and and my life.  Definitely a challenging task for me at times.  And, there are also a lot of incredible things I am doing. I have come so far and learned so much.