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Friday link roundup 12/16

From Everyday Feminism: Thoughts on the question,”What do you do for a living?” 

A photographer has created quite a juxtaposition with his portraits of ballet dancers on the streets of New York City.

An article that celebrates a life of a woman who lived her dreams even as she knew that her diagnosis of cystic fibrosis would shorten her lifespan.

The news from Aleppo, Syria this week has been horrifying. Wondering how to help? This article from the Huffington Post suggests several organizations to donate to that may fund direct services and action.

From NAMI: On the 21st Century Cures Act, and how it could improve mental health services in the United States.

A tribute to the people – artists, musicians, activists, community organizers and others – who lost their lives in the fire at the Ghost Ship Warehouse in Oakland, California on December 2nd.

Friday link roundup 11/18

In Minnesota, former refugee Ilhan Omar made history by becoming the first Somali-American lawmaker in the United States.

Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away this past week. A tribute from the pages of the New York Times.

Differing opinions and accounts: a tool created by the Wall Street Journal, shows news stories pulled from liberal and conservative Facebook feeds side by side.

In the 1970s and 80s, a photographer snapped pictures of people in his hometown. In the past seven years, he’s tracked down many of his subjects to re-create those photos. He now has published the photos from the past and present in his new book called “Reunions.” Read (and see) more.

A woman describes how the Nia Technique helped her recover from major PTSD and depression, and reconnect with her body. It’s a ten minute TEDx talk, and I think it’s worth watching.

Graphic designer and card creator Emily McDowell has co-authored a book called “There is No Good Card For This.” This book that embodies the messages of her empathy cards and looks at how people approach situations in life for which it’s challenging to find the right words.

Miami Beach is running out of sand.

Friday link roundup 8/19

A Baltimore elementary school is sending children to a mindfulness room instead of the principal’s office. Through teaching them mindfulness techniques, the students learn how to navigate through conflict in mindful, rather than reactive, ways.

A Q&A with a National Geographic photographer about his work and the power of photography.

Ever felt like you lacked words when a loved one is grieving? This Upworthy article has insights on grief and ideas on what to say.

Last week, swimmer Simone Manuel won an Olympic gold medal. She is the first African-American to win a gold medal in an individual swimming event in the Olympics. This article shares why this is such a big deal, and reflects on swimming’s racist past in the United States.

Friday link roundup 7/22

The beauty of ice crystals: A photographer and physicist has spent an extensive period of time photographing snowflakes. Check out some of his photographs here.

I never knew watching someone mix paint could be so soothing.

There’s now a training program for bartenders to notice the signs (body language, etc) of potential sexual assault so they can intervene and hopefully prevent it from occurring in those settings. It’s being used in a Washington D.C. bar, with good results.

The Mexican Museum in San Francisco finds a permanent home to exhibit the works of Latinos; it will open in 2019 with a Frida Kahlo exhibition.

16-year-old Isaiah Cooper becomes the youngest black pilot to fly solo across the continental U.S.

Heavily decorated walls may negatively affect learning in early childhood education classrooms.

This site has a number of resiliency-building techniques and skills that might help people who have experienced trauma.

Pictures from holiday trip to Arizona

Photos from my holiday trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, December 24-28.

I went with my dad and my fiancé.  It was cold and breathtakingly beautiful.  I am so grateful we went.

My soul asks for…

sky and mountains

From the top of the Sandia Mountains, September 2015

you ask for a rock star
my soul asks for the silence
of desert granite and blue skies

– from June 2014

Deciding to Live Again: Recording Moments of Beauty

In the past year, I have started recording life through pictures, finding inspiration in all kinds of places – my neighborhood, the mountains, the sky.
Flower in my yard, Spring 2015

Flower in my yard, Spring 2015

In many ways, I think it’s similar to writing down gratitudes, but using a camera instead of a pen.  Instagram has also given me a tool to not only share my art work, but also share daily moments of beauty.

Two photos put together in an Instagram layout.  Santa Fe, NM July 2015

Two photos put together in an Instagram layout. Santa Fe, NM July 2015

There is something inherently encouraging and life-affirming about this practice.  It requires mindfulness to see the potential of a photograph in a scene.  It requires appreciation and awareness of the world around me.  When I was severely depressed, while I continued taking semi-regular walks, I cared less about what I saw.  Even so, being outside gave me a reprieve from shutting down.  As I began to emerge from my depression, I began to notice more.  I stopped to look at flowers close up.  I took off my shoes in a park and walked barefoot through the grass, soaking up each sensation.  It was as if I had been living for a time with my eyes closed and I was learning a new way to see, to sense, to feel.

Through my practice of photography, I capture images that make me smile.  I capture images of my life and bring more color and expression into my days.  I notice that my photographs are improving and developing, simply because of the amount of pictures I take.  Right now, I’m mainly using my phone and occasionally my digital camera; maybe I’ll try something else at some point, but right now, it’s less about the device and more about the experience.

A labyrinth I stumbled on in Santa Fe, July 2015

A labyrinth I stumbled on in Santa Fe, July 2015

When I was visiting my love in Las Vegas earlier this month, we went on a hike in the nearby mountains.  The colors, shapes, and lights spoke to both of us.  While in the past, I might have tapped my foot impatiently while waiting for him to take pictures, now I was actively stopping to point out the beautiful scenery.  As we both stopped to appreciate and record the beauty, I realized that this practice has also brought us closer together – we are able to share joy in a new way.
In the mountains to the northwest of Las Vegas, NV

In the mountains to the northwest of Las Vegas, NV, Labor Day 2015

I am truly grateful for these moments of beauty that touch my heart and soul.  They help me see how life is emerging around me, and realize how much I want to be part of it.