Friday link roundup 8/5

Am I A Dancer Who Gave Up? A dancer and activist responds to the question: “Did you have any sort of breakdown when you gave up on your dreams?” and discusses how her dream got bigger.

Struggling with insomnia? There’s a series of ingeniously boring podcast bedtime stories specifically made to help people fall asleep.

How to Listen When You Disagree: Whether it’s about a controversial issue (as in this case, where the author stood outside the Republican National Convention and offered space to listen about anything people might want to share) or something smaller, this post gives  insight about how to listen to people’s differing opinions – and to understand that behind strong opinions, there can be very personal stories.

In this post, a disturbing train ride brings a white woman new perspective on racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sometimes a career change can allow someone to “bloom” again:  Lisa Congon talks about her journey from schoolteacher to successful artist and blogger.

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